“For it is in giving that we receive.”

St Francis of Assisi

As a church family
we take responsibility together
for our clergy and staff salaries,
building, operating and maintenace costs.

To keep going, our church needs at least
€13,000 a month
to cover our normal running costs.

We want our parish to be properly funded,
but we don't receive any funding 
from the Church of England 
or the German state.

If you consider yourself 
a member or friend of St George's, 
we would love to invite you
 to support us also financially 
and give regularly. 

Our preference is a bank transfer
through your bank
(via standing order/Dauerauftrag).
We issue donation receipts.

Please get in touch with our
treasurer or fundraising coordinator.

IBAN DE03 3506 0190 1566 9230 13
KD-Bank eG

Or you can donate by:

We are starting a series 

of e-statements on 

"Why St George's?" 

Thanks to our fundraising coordinator Michael Seadle 
for the lovely interviews and of course to his interview partners 
for their kind willingness to make interesting statements
... more will follow.