Groups & Activities

Given the current situation some groups meet online. Please contact the church office for more information.

Richard Rohr Meditation Group

 The Richard Rohr Meditation Group 
meets on Zoom.

For further information please contact:

Women's Fellowship Group

Women matter a lot at St George’s!
In addition to taking on
various responsibilities individually
in the Sunday services,
we also have an active
women's fellowship group.
We enjoy our diversity
of cultural backgrounds and interests.
There are groups focused
on particular interests and a few
times a year we all
come together to build community
and explore a specific topic
in a creative way.
The group meets on Zoom.
For further information please contact:

St George Young Adults Forum 

Temporarily Suspended

Is here for you! 
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors. 

We come from many nationalities, 
cultures, and traditions, 
united in our common faith 
in Jesus Christ and the desire 
to share with one another 
our Christian experience. 
We meet regularly for social outreach, 
fellowship, fun, prayer, 
and to have the chance to talk about issues that affects our daily lives. 
We welcome all those who are young at heart and want to do more with their faith 
than just going to Sunday service.
To keep yourself updated to our activities, 
please subscribe to our mailing list 
by sending a message 

Theology Reading Group

 Commencing in September 2020, 
the theology reading group 
is open to anyone 
interested in exploring the history, 
beliefs and spirituality of the Christian tradition. We will meet monthly 
and will read texts from across 
the history of Christian theology, 
both ancient and modern. 
No prior theological training is needed. 
For further information please contact: 

Bible Reading Group

For further information please contact Joachim.

St George's Choir

Temporarily Suspended

St George’s choir is a group of around 15 people which sings an anthem each Sunday morning.
We meet at 9:15 in the church hall of St George's
to sing through the hymns and learn
a piece for the 10:30 service.
Our music is taken from the Anglican repertoire;
generally we sing an anthem, and sometimes
we sing a psalm to an Anglican chant,
or some Gregorian chant. The choir occasionally sings at other St George’s services, e.g. at the evening service in the Marienkirche,
the annual carol service at
St George’s, or the midnight Christmas service.
Roughly once a month, we have a Friday evening rehearsal to run through the forthcoming anthems. In the middle of each January, the choir spends a weekend on retreat at Kloster Huysburg. The choir is directed by Andrew Sims.
All ages are welcome. There is no formal audition, but the limited rehearsal time means that an ability to read music or to pick it up
by ear very quickly is useful.
If you would like to join the choir,
please speak to Andrew
after the morning service
or send him an email.

St George's English Library

Temporarily Suspended

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