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Martin George has been ordained a Deacon into the Church of England 

by Rt Revd Bishop Dr David Hamid, on Saturday 26 September
 at All Saints' Anglican Church in Rome.

Martin, our longtime parishioner and also a member of our parish council is a German church historian and was professor of Ancient Church History
 at the University of Bern in Switzerland from 1991 to 2014. He completed his schooling at the Goethe-Gymnasium in Berlin, interrupted by his attendance at the Blake Boys' School in Minneapolis (USA), with the Abitur in 1968. He studied Protestant and Catholic theology and philosophy at the Kirchliche Hochschule in Berlin and at the universities of Tübingen and Erlangen, interrupted by studies of French and Russian at the universities of Dijon, Aix-en-Provence and Vienna, and by studies at the Institut de Théologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge in Paris and at the Ecumenical Institute Bossey (1969-1973). After studying the history and theology of the Christian East in Erlangen (1975), he studied orthodox theology (1975-1977) at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, where he earned a Master of Orthodox Theology with his master's thesis Apostolic Succession and the Unity of the Church. In 1977 he completed a Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Luke's Hospital, New York City. He completed the Vicariate in Munich (1977-1979) with the second theological exam and was a minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (Evanglisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern)
 since his ordination. From 2016 up to the present he is senior professor of Ancient Church History at Humboldt University Berlin.
We are very pleased that Martin is joining the ordained ministry of the Church of England and would like to serve our congregation as a deacon and later as a priest.
 Congratualtions, welcome Martin and God's blessing for your new path!

Ordination of Deacons and Priests 2020


On behalf of The Rt Revd Bishop Dr Robert Innes,
The Rt Revd Bishop Dr David Hamid
 and the Ministry Team with great joy we announce
the following persons are to be ordained
this Michaelmas (God willing):

Sacred Order of Deacon  

By Bishop David on Saturday 26 September
at All Saints' Anglican Church, Rome:

Dr Martin George (to serve as assistant curate, St George’s, Berlin)
Robert Morley
(to serve as assistant curate, All Saints, Milan)
Dr Valdis Teraudkalns (to serve as assistant curate, St Saviour’s Riga)
This service will be live-streamed
on Saturday 26 September 2020 14:00 CEST:

By Bishop Robert on Saturday 26 September in Gent:
Annie Bolger (to serve as assistant curate, Holy Trinity Pro-Cathedral, Brussels)
Dorienke de Vries (to serve as assistant curate, Arnhem and Nijmegen)
Matt Thijs (to serve as assistant curate, St James, Voorschoten) 

Sacred Order of Priest

By Bishop David on Sunday 27 September:  The Revd Kirk Weiss
(to continue to serve as assistant curate, the Anglican Church of Norway)
By Bishop Robert on Sunday 27 September in Gent, Belgium:
The Revd Evelyn Sweerts (to continue to serve as assistant curate,
the Anglican Church of Luxembourg)

We commend the candidates for Holy Orders to your prayer.

Simple Living Group

The Simple Life Movement encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify your lifestyle. These practices may include, for example, the reduction of material possessions, generally referred to as minimalism, or an increase in self-sufficiency 
e.g. growing vegetables.
A number of religious and spiritual traditions promote the simplicity as a life choice. The gospels report that Jesus led a simple life. And he encouraged his disciples to do the same. Various saints and prominent figures, inspired by him or other spiritual traditions and insights, have chosen to live more simply, such as the Desert Fathers and Mothers, St Benedict of Nursia, St Francis of Assisi and St Dominic, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, Rabindranath Tagore, 
Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma Gandhi.
The Simple Life can be characterised by the fact that the individual chooses to be satisfied with what they have, instead of wanting more and more material things. It is aware of the limits of natural resources, and pays attention to sustainability and the care of creation. Our group will explore and discuss different forms of expression and attitudes of the Simple Living movement and to inspire and support us to find a very personal attitude and possibilities to implement it in our lives.
For further information please contact
Joachim via 

Anglican Germans and Friends

Wenn Deutsche von Anglikanischer Kirche oder der Kirche von England hören, dann sagt vielen  das überhaupt nichts.  Bei manchen kommen auch spontan Reaktionen, wie:
„Das ist doch die Kirche des englischen Königs
mit den vielen geköpften Frauen“ 
„Bei denen ist die Queen so was wie der Papst“.

Natürlich wissen deutsche Muttersprachler, 
die sich für St George‘s interessieren, mit der Gemeinde verbunden fühlen oder gar Gemeindemitglieder sind, weit mehr über die Kirche von England, als diese Klischees ausdrücken. Dennoch gibt es auch für sie, viel an Geschichte, Liturgie, Spiritualität, Kunst und Musik zu entdecken. Unsere Gruppe möchte die Möglichkeit geben, sich gemeinsam mit dem „Phänomen Anglikanismus“ und seinen verschiedenen Facetten zu beschäftigen und diese auf Deutsch zu diskutieren, so dass der Austausch gänzlich "barrierefrei" ist. Wenn Sie sich für Anglikanismus interessieren und Deutsch als Mutter- oder Zweitsprache haben, dann sind Sie herzlich eingeladen und willkommen!
Falls Sie interessiert sind, 
dann schreiben Sie bitte eine Email an Joachim über das Pfarrbüro

A Huge Success

The book fair in St George's on 19 September was a great event. We had many visitors who donated a total of 1,425 euros. 

Many thanks to Jean and everyone who helped to make this day such a huge success!

Why St George's?

We started a series of e-statements on "Why St George's?"
Thanks to Michael Seadle for the lovely interviews 
and of course to his interview partners 
for their kind willingness to make interesting statements
... more will follow.

Newest Interview with: Rishan.

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Please watch more e-statements here.

September is for the Church of England Creationtide

50 simple ways to make your life greener


Meet Christiane Alpers,

the new parish assistant

Hello! Some but not all of you know me already a little. I am Christiane Alpers, and I have been exploring a call to the ordained ministry within the Church of England for some years. As part of this discernment process, I will assist Christopher and Joachim at St George’s from mid September till August 2021. 
In the past few years, I studied and taught theology (and some sociology) 
in Middlesbrough, Durham, Nijmegen, Leuven and Eichstätt. 
In Berlin, I will earn my living by working for a small association in Marzahn 
that assists people with mental illnesses to manage their daily lives.
I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of you very soon!

2020 Annual General Meeting

The delayed, St George’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place on Sunday 4 October, at 11.45 after the morning service in St George’s Church (not the hall).

All persons whose names are on the electoral roll of “St. George’s Anglican Church (Episcopal) in Berlin e.V.” (i.e. "Vereinsmitglied") are entitled to attend and vote at the meeting. At the meeting we will receive reports about the Church’s activities in 2019, 
as well as building work and a financial report, and we will hold elections. 


An Hour of Holy Music, Silence,
Meditation and Prayer
Mondays 18:00 - 19:00
- Starting in July -
St George’s Church
Preußenallee 17–19 · 14052 Berlin
Please send Prayer requests to:


St George's 2020 Well Project


In the last three years we have built wells in Nigeria, Yemen, and Uganda.
In 2020 we would like to build a 20 meter well
to provide clean water for an Orphanage and Primary School
for Albino children in Masasi in Tanzania.

€ 660 for the survey
€ 3.000 for drilling
€ 1.000 for tower for storage of water 
and other auxiliary equipment 
(min 5000 L. storage recommended)
€ 2.500 - 3.000 for the solar system battery


Expected Cost ca. € 7.500. 

Can you help us raise this money?
For more information, contact:
Our bank account for donations: KVA-BMW
IBAN: DE42 1005 0000 0190 6655 05.
Berliner Sparkasse BIC:  BELADEBEXXX
please add:  Verwendungszweck
KG Neu-Westend Brunnen Tanzania

No need for pre-registration

On 27.06., a new infection protection ordinance was published by the Senate of Berlin.
In spite of various changes, there is still the obligation to document attendance at events
- including our church services.

What is new is that pre-registration through the church office is not necessary anymore.

However, when entering the church, one must fill out an attendance slip with name, surname, telephone number/email address (or home address).

This is not voluntary until further notice, 
but a prerequisite for attending church services in our church.


An Invitiation to BLUE CHURCH.
Alone Together - On Freedom.

An Appeal from the Treasurer

Dear members and friends of St George’s,

To keep going, the church needs at least €13,000 a month to cover our normal running costs. With an enrolled church membership of about 130 this means we need an average of about €100 a month from each member just to break even. At the moment the church’s only income is approximately €6,000 a month received through regular pledged giving. 

Due to the current situation, we have reducted collections, no special events, no rentals.

With this in mind I would like to appeal to you all for a donation towards our losses, so that when we can meet again we shall do so in a joyful church.

Jean Frick, Your Treasurer

Current Legal Regulations concerning the Coronavirus in Germany