St George's Worship

St George's | Neu-Westend

St. Marienkirche | Mitte

We are glad to hold Sunday worship 
once again in St George’s 
and in St. Marien:

10:30 Holy Eucharist
with sermon in St George´s
(this service is usually broadcast live on
Families with children are invited for a song, short story and prayer in the church garden straight after the morning eucharist.

18:00 Evening Prayer or Choral Evensong
with sermon in the Marienkirche 

We are obliged to follow certain restrictions:

We ask those who suffer from cold symptoms
refrain from attending church services.

Disinfect your hands carefully
when entering the church.

Current rules on hygiene
make singing hymns as a
congregation impossible at this time.

Wearing a facemask is still obligatory.

As we need a “sign in at the door”,
we ask that you arrive please 10 minutes before the service and fill in a form (Name, phone number/emailaddress).

That you sit on the marked places in the church
to keep the distances required by law
(people from the same household can sit together).

For more information about the legal
regulation and the general COVID-19 situation
in Germany please check
this website.

St George's Anglican Church
Preussenalle 17 - 19
14052 Berlin | Neu-Westend

U Neu-Westend | S Heerstrasse

St. Marienkirche
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 8
10178 Berlin | Mitte

S | U Alexanderplatz


An Hour of Holy Music, Silence,
Meditation and Prayer
Mondays 18:00 - 19:00
St George’s Church
Preußenallee 17–19 · 14052 Berlin
Please send Prayer requests to:

Baptism & Confirmation

Please contact the church office for further information.

Baptism and Confirmation are the two rites of Christian initiation, becoming a Christian.
In Baptism we are made members of the Body
of Christ on earth, and give thanks to God
for the new life He offers us in Christ.
In the Anglican Church,
commonly young children are baptized.
Of course, it is also possible
to be baptized as an adult.
Confirmation is a step of personal faith, and a special way in which we are confirmed with God's grace. On the one hand, the presence of God’s gift of the Holy Spirit is confirmed in you through prayer and the lying of the bishop’s hands; on the other hand you confirm your faith and your membership of the body of Christ.
At St George’s we have a 
confirmation service every second year. 
Please contact with one of the clergy if you are interested in joining a preparation course.


Please contact the church office for further information.

Unlike in the United Kingdom, the USA and few other countries German law does not empower the clergy to act as the registrar of marriages. Therefore a couple must first obtain their marriage license from civil authorities (Standesamt) in Germany or elsewhere.

At St George’s we offer threfore
 A service of Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage. 

Blessing of a New Home

Moving to a new country, to a new city and therefore into a new house or flat is exhausting, often quite complicated and sometimes frightening, but also very exciting. 
It marks a new beginnig.
It is therefore a good oportunity 
to celebrate the special event 
and to thank God, 
from whom all blessings come, 
for the gift of a new home and a new period of life.
 If you would like to request 
a priest to come to your home 
for a house blessing, 
don't hesitate to talk to the clergy 
or write them an email to the church office.


Please contact the church office for further information.